by Shay Hawkinberry, President
Riviera Dunes Master Association

With 2019 coming to an end, the Master Association Board of Directors is showing no signs of slowing down. In order to improve our effectiveness and communication with our residents, we hired a new Community Association Management Company and Association Manager; Argus Community Management. Our new CAM is Ed Talman. We are excited to have a company with experience with multi-faceted communities like ours. We had a smooth transition and Ed has hit the ground running assessing how Argus can help make our community be the best it can be.

At our last board meeting we reinstated several committees in order to improve the safety, security and quality of life in our greater Riviera Dunes community.

The Dock Committee led by Lana Wagner will be seeking one representative owner from each association to participate. This committee will ensure the docking facilities operate in a consistent and safe manner, ensuring all regulations and insurance requirements are met to keep residents and property safe. The Master Association passed an amendment a couple of years ago that clarifies the requirement for all slip licensees and boat owners to provide contact and vessel information and meet certain minimum insurance requirements. These Meetings will be noticed with agendas at least 48hrs in advance by Committee Chair and Argus will forward to Marina management to post on their bulletin board. Argus Management will post on their Website in the Calendar and send to all committee members and Association Property Management managers under the Master Association and to the president of each association.

The Security Committee led by Rob Hartwell will be assessing the current security of the community and making recommendations to the Master Association any suggestions to improve the safety and security of our community. He will be seeking volunteers to join this committee as well as recommendations from any community on issues we need to address. Meetings will be noticed with agendas at least 48hrs in advance by the Committee Chair. Argus Management will post on the Argus Website Calendar and sent to all committee members and Association Property Management managers under the Master Association and president of each association.

The Website Committee led by Ted Knoke is progressing nicely with our Master Association Website. It is This website is improving every month with new features being added to improve communication with all our residents. Stay tuned for new features such as a Community Calendar, Evacuation Procedures in case of Disasters and/or Emergencies, Committee Updates and important community documents like the Declaration of Covenants and all amendments as well as all related By-laws, Budgets and Financials. It is our goal to maintain transparency while helping to bring this beautiful community together and make it the most desirable place to live.

The Landscaping Committee, led by Drew Denick, has been most active this year as you have probably seen. They completed several projects around the lake walkway, installing new benches, new trash cans, and replacing some of the landscape and palm trees. We signed a contract for the semiannual clean-up of the harbor rip rap and pressure washing of the walkway. We also signed a contract for the semi-annual trimming of the mangroves to ensure the views are maintained for all to enjoy. We are currently working on replacing the dead bushes and cleaning the monument signs and improving the lighting. Finally, after receiving notice of damaged signs in the harbor, we are working with local authorities to have those replaced.

The Master Association is had their annual budget meeting on December 18, 2019 at 1:00 pm at the Laguna Clubhouse to approve the 2020 budget. All were welcome to attend. For future meetings, look for notices posted at all the entrance gates in the community.

As many of you know, we have been active in opposing any highspeed, elevated highway alternative in the replacement of the Desoto Bridge, actively lobbying the FDOT, MPO Board, Citizen’s Advisory Committee and local officials to ensure they don’t approve any alternative that will divide our community or negatively impact the health and safety of our residents.

We have a very active Bridge Committee which I Chair that meets regularly to strategize how we communicate with area leaders to make sure our voices are heard. This Bridge Committee was successful in presenting surveys to the MPO Board that resulted in a large response opposing alternatives that would divide our community. If anyone is interested in joining this committee and/or hearing the preliminary results of the CMNAA study results that have been posted, they can reach out to Fred Sperry-Vice Chair, email Your delegate on the Master Association Board of Directors can also provide the contact information.

As we reflect back on how fortunate we were in averting a disaster from Hurricane Dorian, we did realize the important role the Master Association can play in the event of a disaster. We will work to create a Master Association Disaster Plan and Communication Tool in such events in the future. We will use this forum of the website to inform and instruct residents on how to plan, prepare for, and react to disasters in the future. A proper disaster plan will ensure that residents and properties in the community are protected and/or restored to the maximum extent possible during all phases of a disaster and/or emergency, including providing assistance to All of those requiring assistance. That is one of the greatest benefits of a community; working together to help each other during a disaster.

Every year the Master Association looks at projects we can initiate to improve the community and maintain the lifestyle we all enjoy at Riviera Dunes, whether it is renewing the submerged land lease for the harbor or sponsoring community get togethers so we all get to know our neighbors. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any one of the board members. We would love to hear from you and get your thoughts on how the Master Association can better serve the residents of Riviera Dunes.